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About Churches of Christ in SA & NT

Churches of Christ SA & NT

Churches of Christ in SA and NT are a movement of almost 60 churches across South Australia and the Northern Territory.

History and Distinctives

The family of churches known as “Christian Churches”, “Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)” and “Churches of Christ” grew out of an early 19th Century movement with origins in both the UK and the USA. Today, there are congregations related to this Christian World Communion in over 170 countries. To read more about our what makes us “who we are”, go to Churches of Christ “Distinctives”.

Churches of Christ Today

Our churches are located throughout most metropolitan and country areas of South Australia. Many enjoy a rich heritage of serving their communities for 100 years or more. Our churches are supported by a State Ministry Team, who exist to lead and resource the movement into the future by offering a variety of leadership and support services.

Churches of Christ Nationally

We are part of a dynamic national movement, further information for which can be read at Churches of Christ in Australia.