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July 20, 2023 @ 5:45 pm
Hampstead Gardens Church of Christ
Nigel Davies
0448 565 221

You are invited to an Evening of Worship & Prayer

GUEST SPEAKER: Dr and Bishop Venasie Mibenge

WHEN: Thursday 20 JULY
WHERE: Hampstead Gardens Church of Christ, 28 Gambia Ave, Hampstead Gardens
TIME: 5:45pm TEA: Pie / pastie chips mixed veg and gravy
For catering, if possible, RSVP nigel@imla.org.au
7pm Worship program starts.
COST DONATION TOWARDS: Nigel’s Indigenous Ministry
CONTACT: Nigel Davies nigel@imla.org.au 0448 565 221

Dr Venasie Mibenge is the founder of Faith Fellowship Ministries International.
He lives in Zambia with his with Gertrude and 3 children. He has served 3 Presidents in Zambia as Human Rights Commissioner. He currently oversees churches throughout Zambia, Asia and India in his role as Bishop.

He has a unique and fascinating testimony. He came to faith in 1979 at the age of 26.
He says he was baptised in the Holy Spirit just prior to being born again.

The following is a quote from Venasie.
“Shortly after I was born again a child died in the house where I was staying it was very late in the night. The Lord spoke to my heart that I should go and pray for the boy, so that he would come back to life. When I entered the room where the boy was lying on the bed, suddenly,
a wind came into that room my hands were lifted without knowing what was happening and immediately I started speaking in tongues and I fell on the boy under the power of the Holy Ghost and the child came back to life”.
On another occasion a young girl died, and they brought her to one of the crusades in Harare city in Zimbabwe and the girl came back to life. This lady is now serving God in South Africa in Cape Town.

Faith Fellowship International is located in several countries. (FFIM) ministers to people who have lost hope and their spirits are defeated due to years of ongoing poverty and hopelessness. Over 80 percent of the people live in abject poverty. Yet (FFIM) see people come to life and hope with the gospel of Christ. They are involved in poverty relief programs, HIV programs to name a few.