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Operation Christmas Child

Operation Christmas Child is part of the parent body, Samaritan’s Purse which is a world wide support group similar to “World Vision”. Samaritan’s Purse runs all sorts of support programs including the building of schools, clean water programmes and emergency relief in times of wars or natural disasters.

Operation Christmas Child relates to sending of shoe boxes filled with gifts to children who probably have very little if anything. The shoe boxes contain educational material, clothing, toys, something to love, some soap and toothbrushes and something special like necklaces for girls and mouth organs for boys.

The boxes are sent from Australia in a shipping container to countries overseas like Cambodia, Korea, Vietnam, PNG or Singapore. There they are distributed by Samaritan Purse people to children from schools and churches who have been selected by the local pastors thus ensuring that each shoebox is handed over to a child. Along with each shoebox, a booklet of a Christian nature is handed to each child and they are invited to attend a 12 week course leading them to Jesus. Many have accepted this invitation.

Our church has been supporting this operation for over 8 years. It started with members of the congregation filling their own boxes but has now grown to a small group who, with assistance from all around pack over 100 boxes each year. We encourage everyone to support us by packing shoeboxes or by donations to our group so that material may be purchased to fill the boxes.

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