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We slept well, had breakfast, attended staff devotions, had a tour of the hospital, attended the HIV Support meeting and then had lunch at Shalini’s. Very interesting morning. We met so many people. Jacob was my interpreter at devotions as I spoke. In the afternoon we visited Shrigonda. That’s not far away but the toads are rough and it took from 1.30 till we returned close to 7. Amazing day. 

We visited the old boys home out at Dhorje, there is a Church group still meeting there. Photo of Kay and Jacob there. This is at least 30 minutes by car on a rough road north of Shrigonda. 
We had a cup of tea with a school teacher’s family at Bhangaon. His name is Anil. We then visited their Church and met some of those who attend there. Lovely people. Then we made our way back to Shrigonda. 

Jacob and our driver Suhas then took us to the Shrigonda girls home. This was very special as the girls were waiting for us to recite Scripture, sing and dance. What a privilege to be there. Both Kay and I shared a brief testimony with the children. We then walked across to see where Bruce and Pat Coventry lived for nearly 4 decades. Then had a look in the Church which is over 100 years old. 
Then back home for a late tea with Shalini and Jacob’s daughter, Joanna who is studying to be a Physiotherapist. Lovely young lady. Shalini had travelled to Pune this afternoon to speak at a ladies conference. Philemon is due home late tonight. It’s been a very full day. Extremely worth while. God bless.