We had a great ride up to Pramouy in the Cardamom Mountains. The bike ran so much better today. If you look hard behind the elephant statue that’s in the centre of Pramouy you can see the mountains. Very smoky today as a result of lots of burning. 

It was great to see Rani again. She continues to grow in her faith and love for Jesus. Our group met her 4 years ago in Pramouy and we were taken with her desire to gather people together to worship Jesus. She runs a cafe and she gathered people together in a small church at her cafe to pray and sing. We have continued to keep in touch with her through emails so it has been a fulfilment of our goal to meet her again, to pray with her and make a contribution to her made possible by CMA friends in Adelaide.

She is building a house for her mum, her neice and nephew and her 2 children and is still worshipping with a growing number of people near the new house. She is continuing to work in her cafe and serves great food. She is a strong believer in a community that has little knowledge or interest in Jesus. Pray for Rani. Thanks for your interest in our travels. God bless.