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Today, we thank Margaret who has written some thoughts for us.

She writes….

My reading this morning from the devotional book, “With love to the world”, was from Psalm 23. Surprise & joy because part of our worship last Sunday at Hampstead Gardens included Psalm 23. “The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want”, or “I have everything I need.”

We live in a materialised world, even encouraged to want and consume more. Think? What do I/we want? Much of our goods, “things” come from countries where people earn little, work in poor, desperate conditions and live in poverty to provide the world (us) with things we want. For those of us with faith, continuing to want when we have been provided enough somehow seems at odds to the message, “I shall not want?”

Can we consider the consequences that our “wanting” brings for others? How then should we read those well-loved words? Love from Margaret.

Wow, what a challenge? This is a timely message as we consider the needs of our neighbours. There are many helpful ways we can give to the many needs in poor countries even within GMP. But the huge challenge to ask ourselves is, do we really need all that “retail therapy?” Will that really fulfil us? Going shopping can be lots of fun of course, especially with a friend, but buying for the sake of it will not make us content, only a relationship with Jesus will do that.