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At the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th Month, the battlefields fellsilent. Amid the carnage that they had known for what seemed like a life time, there was now hope. The hope of going home in one piece, the hope of seeing loved ones again. The hope of peace.

However, the return home from the battle fields was not the return to the life they knew. All this had changed. They had changed, They had seen and done things that only belonged in nightmares. They had witnessed man’s inhumanity to one another, yet now they were expected to get on with life. Society thought they had fought the War to end all Wars.

Those who served in the battlefields and on the home front, did so because they believed they were fighting for peace and a better world. They gave of themselves so that those who came after could live in that new world.

Time has rolled on, further wars and conflicts fought yet mankind has yet to learnt to live in peace, to love one another, or to care for their fellow man.

Today, 100 years after that those guns fell silent, we focus on the sacrifice of those who have served and lost their lives in that terrible war and the wars that have followed.

We pray for peace for our world, for tolerance amongst the nations and that we will learn to “love one another” as Jesus taught us to.