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Where do we find GENUINE HOPE?

We need to first understand that the biblical concept of hope is different from the world’s understanding of it. Many use the word “hope” to simply mean “a wish.” We can also use it to speak of something we would like to happen, but not sure if it will take place. Hence, when we say, “I hope things get better,” we often mean “I wish things would get better.” In other words, wishing for something to take place, but you’re not sure if it will happen.

But is this what the psalmist is trying to convey in Psalm 71? Not quite. Biblical hope encompasses not only patient anticipation of the Lord’s intervention, but an expectation. It transcends wishful thinking, embodying the assurance of God’s promises are yes and amen.

And this is why God’s Word can be our anchor. Hope derives from embracing God’s promises and this should be our foundation during trials and prolonged waiting periods. These times of challenge are instrumental in shaping our character and endurance, as God uses them to grow us.

Genuine hope is forged through a lifetime of witnessing God’s unwavering faithfulness. It rests on the evidence of past experiences, serving as a foundation upon which to construct our future aspirations.

So, if this is the case, what have you been using in the past to build your future on and will it be enough to stand the test of time?