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God has spoken to Joshua, giving him a task to do. To take the people into the land across the river Jordan.  It will not been easy task, in fact it will be fraught with danger. Joshua isn’t too sure about the task set, but God has told him to be determined and confident, to obey the laws that Moses passed on and not to be afraid or discouraged as God will be with him all the way. Are we to step out in faith amongst our fellow man in this day and age? Do we listen to God when he sets us a task or do we back off and put it into the “Too hard“ basket making lots of excuses why we can’t do it.

We need to remember that God will not ask us to do anything that is beyond our capabilities.  Some people will be called to serve in mission fields, some in out reach programs with in their local community, other may be called to be a living example of what God wants his people to be,. Even those who feel  they can’t be “Out” in the world may be called upon to pray.

We may have to think about how to  achieve the task , we may even face many problems whilst trying to achieve the task. However we too must  remember to put our trust in God and that He is with us wherever we go, what ever were are doing.