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Last week in our “Words of Wisdom” our Matthew reading warned against the idea of forcing something to fit our own moral picture of what it takes to get into heaven. We  are told quite clearly what God wants of us.

Many religions through the ages have put the onus on the people to do “Good Works”, offer great and rich offerings. The more able to be seen by the community to do good works or the ability to make bigger and better offerings to God was and still is, for some  people, the way they thought they  would  achieve everlasting life.  Unfortunately their personal relationship with God was not right. It didn’t matter what they tried to do ,they were not getting God’s message.

We can be the poorest individual in our community or the least skilled but it all comes back to how we relate to God. 

Do we believe in Him? Do we Believe that He sent His son Jesus to save us and to show us the way to eternal Life. Do we  put our faith in Him when life seems to take a downturn?

Yes, We must endeavor in our daily lives to always give of  our best , but we must do so willingly and in love for our Lord.