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The theme for today is “The Good News is for everyone” and this can be a challenge for some of us. The following is from Acts 11:1-3, The Living Bible.

Soon the news reached the apostles and other brothers in Judea that Gentiles

also were being converted! But when Peter arrived back in Jerusalem, the Jewish believers argued with him. “You fellowshipped with Gentiles and even ate with them,” they accused.

Are you excited about how many people are being converted in other cultures?

Are you praying for those of our Church who rub shoulders with people who

are different to us? They have connection with people who may never go to a Church yet are open to spiritual things?

Praise God for the way in which he turns things upside down. We learn about

the Kingdom of God from the most unlikely people. Look for what God is doing

in your street, your nearby school, your workplace or in those who care for you.

We have learnt new and exciting things from Andre Van Eymeren and Ben Clarke over the past 2 weeks. God is at work and His Good News is for everyone.