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Pentecost is a great time to thank God the Father for the presence of His Holy Spirit amongst us, (as His Church and within us individually). Pentecost is an excellent time for us to consider our own spiritual life. Do we rely on the Holy Spirit in our daily spiritual life or do we battle away in our own strength. I found the following summary about the Holy Spirit very interesting and refreshing. 

“The older theologians used to say that the soul is a kind of sailboat, the Holy Spirit is the wind which fills its sails and drives it forward, and the gusts of wind are the gifts of the Spirit. Lacking his impulse and his grace, we do not go forward. The Holy Spirit draws us into the mystery of the living God and saves us from the threat of a Church which is gnostic and self-referential, closed in on herself; He impels us to open the doors and go forth to proclaim and bear witness to the good news of the Gospel, to communicate the joy of faith, the encounter with Christ. The Holy Spirit is the soul of mission. The events that took place in Jerusalem almost two thousand years ago are not something far removed from us; they are events which affect us and become a lived experience in each of us. The Pentecost of the Upper Room in Jerusalem is the beginning, a beginning which endures. The Holy Spirit is the supreme gift of the risen Christ to his apostles, yet He wants that gift to reach everyone. As we heard in the Gospel, Jesus says: ‘I will ask the Father, and he will give you another Advocate to remain with you forever’ (John 14:16). It is the Paraclete Spirit, the ‘Comforter’, who grants us the courage to take to the streets of the world, bringing the Gospel! The Holy Spirit makes us look to the horizon and drive us to the very outskirts of existence in order to proclaim life in Jesus Christ. Let us ask ourselves: do we tend to stay closed in on ourselves, on our group, or do we let the Holy Spirit open us to mission?”

I was impressed with this summary under the title, “Pentecost – Celebrating the Birthday of the Church.” What made it even more interesting to me is that it appears on the Alive Publishing website, a UK Catholic publication. God is at work, are we in on that work or are we stuck in a rut?  https://www.alivepublishing.co.uk/2015/05/pentecost-celebrating-birthday-church/