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Have you ever had a narrow escape? I remember losing control on my pushbike and I went straight across Belair Road in Mitcham at about 5pm on a weekday! How I missed being seriously hurt or killed is a miracle. It was by the “grace” of God that allowed me to survive. At age 15 I thought I was invincible, however, it is alarming to consider that most of us of any age live with an independent spirit yet we all need the grace of God every second. We need God’s salvation because we are sinners and we need His grace now and for eternity. Today we reflect on the wonderful grace of God from the verses in Ephesians 2:4-8.

 “But God was merciful! We were dead because of our sins, but God loved us so much that he made us alive with Christ, and God’s wonderful kindness is what saves you. God raised us from death to life with Christ Jesus, and he has given us a place beside Christ in heaven. God did this so that in the future world he could show how truly good and kind he is to us because of what Christ Jesus has done. You were saved by faith in God, who treats us much better than we deserve. This is God’s gift to you, and not anything you have done on your own.” CEV