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Jesus touched the man with leprosy.

Touch is important to everyone, including all people who are marginalised by society. Consider how we feel when we hug and interact with our loved ones. Image how you would feel if you were rejected by your family. Today, this is the reality for most people with leprosy.

However, it is not only people with leprosy who have limited/minimal touch. Who in our society are the un-touched?

Jesus reached out and touched the man with leprosy and immediately the man was cured (Mk1:40-45). There are many other examples of Jesus’ touch (Mk 5:41-42, Matt 14:31, Matt 14: 36, and Lk 18:15)

Just as Jesus touched and healed people The Leprosy Mission reaches out to heal/touch people both physically and spiritually.

We can also reach out and show our Christian love to others, especially to those who are different. Remember, Jesus said, “love one another”