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Do you know the feeling when everything is going well? Important things like your relationships, your health and your daily life is in good shape; you feel close to God and enjoy being with other believers. That was how things were going in Antioch of Syria as recorded in Acts 11. Very exciting times.

“During this time some prophets travelled from Jerusalem to Antioch. One of them named Agabus stood up in one of the meetings and predicted by the Spirit that a great famine was coming upon the entire Roman world. (This was fulfilled during the reign of Claudius.) So the believers in Antioch decided to send relief to the brothers and sisters in Judea, everyone giving as much as they could. This they did, entrusting their gifts to Barnabas and Saul to take to the elders of the church in Jerusalem.” Acts 11:27-30. NLT

Then the new believers in Antioch heard a prophecy of a famine to come upon the Roman world and they took a tremendous step of faith to send resources to their fellow believers in other parts of the world. What a challenge for us today to keep in mind those who are in trouble, either
here in Hampstead Gardens or in Australia or in any other country in the world. Please pray for those experiencing famine in parts of Africa. They are our neighbours.