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Faith through WORDS (words from “Women Of Real Devotion to the Son of God”)

As Helen Steiner Rice states in “Dear Friends” (in Loving Thoughts from Helen Steiner Rice) . . ” in this ever-changing world God’s words remain unchanged . .” .

God words have been given to us in the Bible, through many different writers. In recent times God’s Holy Book has been published in many versions and languages, while numerous technologies (the internet, God-pods and various communication devices etc. etc.) have given mankind almost instant access to the Bible through a range of mediums

Traditional hymns (mostly written 1870 – 1920) through to modern Christian songs and poems show the writers’ faith through words.

This morning we will look at some hymns and consider their messages from Bible verses.

Are these hymns just childhood memories (for those brought up with hymns) or are their messages relevant today?

Should or could the hymns of nearly 150 years age be transcribed into Today’s English?