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Today we welcome David Helyard from Compassion as our speaker. David was one of the ministers at Rise Church in Northfield and has a Kingdom approach to God’s work. The following is from the Compassion website. 

Compassion is a Christian international holistic child development organisation. Through our Child Sponsorship Program, more than 2 million children are currently being released from poverty in Jesus’ name. With over six decades of experience, Compassion’s unique approach to solving poverty works: research proves it. 

In response to God’s call Compassion gives hope to the hopeless, spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ in a culturally relevant, non-coercive way.

While Compassion is a distinctly Christian organisation, we assist children and their families living in poverty regardless of their beliefs, gender or background. 

Children are the hardest hit by poverty, the least able to change their circumstances, and at the heart of Jesus’ ministry. We address the holistic needs of the individual child so that they can become responsible and fulfilled adults, equipped to change their communities.

Programs are delivered in partnership with local churches in developing countries. These local congregations can best identify the specific needs of children in their community, able to adapt our programs to bring change to their communities.”