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One of the most loved stories from the Old Testament is the story of Daniel in the Lion’s Den. The whole story of Daniel starts when he was just a young boy. However, by the time Daniel was cast into the lion’s den he was an old man. Many things happened in Daniel’s life, but he continued to trust and serve God even though he was forced to work for wicked people. The main part of the story is in Daniel 6.The following is a brief overview from, “What Christians want to know”.

The Lion’s Den

Though King Darius never intended for Daniel to stop worshiping his God, the king was bound to obey the law he signed. Daniel was thrown into the den of lions while the king worried for his well-being. The Bible says that the king hardly slept that night. He was troubled with what would happen to Daniel. The Bible tells us that Daniel was not harmed by the lions at all. Their mouths were shut and they did not scratch or tear Daniel.

When the king came to see Daniel the next morning he was relieved to know that Daniel was still alive. He helped Daniel climb out of the pit. King Darius then ordered the men (and their families) who made the wicked law to be thrown in with the lions. The Bible says that they had not even touched the ground by the time the lions tore them and began eating them. The lions didn’t leave Daniel alone because they were not hungry; they left him alone because God refused to let them eat him.

Your Lion’s Den

There may be times in your life when people try to get you to disobey God. You should take encouragement from the story of Daniel and trust God to take care of you. Daniel didn’t know what would happen to him in the lion’s den. He only trusted that God would take care of him and God did. You and I can trust God too.