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I have memories of when I was young child, of the local Scouts taking part in “Bob A Job” Week. They would come to our house two or three at time and do jobs about the place. Mowing the lawns, weeding the garden. Chopping and stacking the wood, washing windows and more. When they had finished my mother would pay them for the tasks and offer them a biscuit and a cool drink. This was a Scouting Service project.

Another tradition was that every Scout no matter what age had to do a “daily Good Turn”. Yes a daily dose of helping someone for 365 days of the year. It certainly adds up.

These days, due to our Child Safe Policy, our Scouts no longer go door to door. However, there are still many occasions they can do a Good Turn. Tasks that range from holding the door open for someone, through to large local community
projects. Even Overseas Service projects by our older scout members.

During COVID, in some countries the local Scouts have been delivering food to housebound people, helping out in Vaccine stations and just doing whatever they can to help their communities. Often using those skills they have learnt as Scouts.

Yes, service to others remains an important part of being a Scout and often what the scout learns and discovers leads to their choice of career in later life.

As Christians, helping others should be a natural part of our lives. Concern and compassion for those around us, the need to show God’s love to those we meet is all a part of our faith journey.

I challenge you to take on board the “Daily Good Turn” and in doing so show that love to those you come in contact with.