We arrived in Cambodia on Friday night and whilst it was busy it was such a difference to the madness of Mumbai. We enjoyed our time in India and it was awesome to go to Daund and Baramati. 

Now we have borrowed a friend’s bike and we are heading to Siem Reap via Pursat, Pramouy and Battambang. We will see Reaksa and Sophaly on Friday. On Saturday we saw our tuk tuk driver from 2 years ago. Pi was great to patiently spend the day with us as we bought a helmet for Kay, shopping at Aeon Mall and had lunch with John Glasson. We also got our laundry done and picked up the bike. Sunday was a long day with lots of traffic and a bit of bike trouble but we are hopeful for a better run today. God bless you. Love from Kay and Wayne from Pursat.