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What a blessed time we had in Baramati today. Thank you for your interest and support. Our driver took Jacob, Kay and I to the service in Baramati which took about an hour to get to. I shared a greeting from our Church and in particular from Muriel and Janet. Jess took her phone to their home and they were able to see the service for themselves. The speaker for the day was from the Gideons. The service went for over 2 hours. It was a pleasure to be there. Lovely to meet so many people after the service. 

Robert and Anita looked after us after Church. Robert is the Secretary of Churches of Christ in this area and he leads the Boys Home in Baramati. After lunch we drove through land that was bought in the time of H R Coventry in the 1920’s and then we visited the Coventry bungalow where Muriel and Janet lived with their parents. This was very special for us to see. Inside the home the ceilings are very high. It is spacious inside and the home is well maintained. 

We visited the boys home and they sang and recited Bible verses and we shared some thoughts with them. The boys showed us their dormitories. We also saw their computer room and shelves ready for more books. At night we had dinner with Philemon and Shalini and Pastor Benjamin and his wife. It has been a full and rewarding day. We have really appreciated the support of Jacob as he has travelled with us. The support of Shalini and Philemon has been outstanding. They continue to do a wonderful work in the Daund community through the Church and the Hospital. 
Tomorrow we ride back to Pune and return the bike. We will stay there 2 nights. 

We are very thankful to Philemon and Shalini as they have looked after us here in Daund. They have helped to coordinate our time so that we could visit Shrigonda and Baramati. Please pray for them and the work of the Ashwood Memorial Hospital. Nearly 40 years of dedication to the work in this community through the Hospital and the Church. They have many friends in Australia including their daughter and her family in Perth so we look forward to seeing them again in our country soon.