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God’s vision for the church is both wider and broader than many Christians have envisioned it to be for their own congregations. From Genesis in the Old Testament to the Book of Revelation in the New, a thread can be followed that indicates God’s desire for all nations and people to worship and discover the will of God for the whole community—together.

Now  not every one can go out to other Countries to spread the word. Many  of us may also find it hard to talk about our faith and God’s love even to those in our local Community.

There are many ways that we can help those who choose to step out either in the mission fields overseas or in those areas in our community that seem to be places of darkness  fear and loneliness where there is a desperate need to know God’s love.

One way is through our offerings and donations to  those organisations that  do reach out. However there are those who find they can’t afford to do this but still want to help others. One way we can all help and that is through prayer. Prayer for the spread of God’s word in General or praying for specific people who we know are  out In the field.

You may not know the names of those for whom you pray, but God hears your prayer  and knows for whom you are praying.