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“Our Daily Bread” writer Con Campbell has written an important devotion for us as we remember and thank Jesus during this coming Easter weekend. Most of what we hear on the news are updates regarding the coronavirus and the resulting economic and social implications. Campbell writes,
“But we need to remember the big picture. I doubt that in 2,000 years people will still be talking about the coronavirus. And yet here we are still talking about the resurrection of Jesus. Maybe that will remind us how significant Easter is—even in our current crisis.
At Easter time I love to stop and think more deeply about Jesus’ defeat of death. I’m reminded to thank God for the hope we have of new life. And I’m reminded that this resurrection hope speaks into all areas of my life. But this Easter, the resurrection of Jesus has something important to say as we think about COVID-19. It was not just a great miracle that affected one dead person. It is God’s YES to the renewal of humanity and God’s YES to the renewal of his creation. The resurrection of Jesus is God’s affirmation and promise that death will not win in the end and our world will not remain corrupted forever. The two things are connected, and both depend on the
resurrection of Jesus.”

There is so much to be thankful for as we reflect on Jesus this coming Easter weekend and the year ahead. When we return to a new normal we will be more appreciative of the times we are able to gather together for fellowship and worship. May we live a simpler life with less distractions. I remember visiting my grandparents in Port Lincoln twice in one week when I was in my late teens and my grandpa was not very pleased about the amount of unnecessary travel I was doing! Our farm was nearly 100km from Port Lincoln. My grandpa travelled to Port Lincoln only once before he was 21.
A very different era 100 years ago but I wonder if God is challenging us to live a simpler and humbler life.

May God bless you this coming Easter weekend. Thanks for all your support and for your messages. A big thank you to Roger and Ken and others for your input for this week. Stay safe and well.