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Paul often uses running a race as a picture of the Christian’s life How many of you have ever run in a race or set out to reach a special tough journey or target. What do you need to do to prepare for the “race” If you are intending to win

I guess that you would train and practice daily. You would set out to do those things that would prepare you physically, mentally and emotionally, avoiding those things that would pull you back or lessen your chances. You would place training over your other favourite activities.

In the Christian life the race begins the moment a person puts their faith in Jesus as their Saviour. Just what are they striving for? “Every believer receives the gift of eternal life the moment he/she believes in Jesus”. We accept that that when our journey comes to an end we will spend eternity with Jesus in heaven. With that in mind each day we should always be running in such a way that we are prepared to see Jesus face to face.

A runner prepares by training his/her physical body to endure the challenges of a race. Their goal is to win the race. Even if they don’t win they still want to cross the finish line triumphantly.

Paul reminds us that to sustain our ability to complete the journey we must put our trust on Jesus and follow his example. We need to grow in His Grace and put aside those things that would impair our growth and harm our relationship with Him

We grow when we read and obey what He is teaching us through our Bible. Just like training for a race we must make daily time with God a priority. If we think we can do it once in a while it will be easier and easier not to do it at all. We will soon fall by the wayside.

This week set your eyes and minds on “The Goal” and run a straight and true race. Do not let the things of this world deter you.

Adapted from “ A Bible Lesson on Philippians”