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It is often a wonderful experience to visit a National Park and to observe the beauty of nature. I enjoy seeing creeks and waterfalls. I am uplifted to see the ferns if it is a rain forest but all of the native plant life is inspiring. Some National Parks have majestic trees supported by incredibly strong trunks. If you are fortunate enough to see animals or birds going about their daily existence then that makes the whole experience come alive. We live in a very dry state but the parks in the Adelaide Hills have their own charm and even the parks in remote dry areas have many things to teach us about determination and resilience. However, we are not to worship the creation but we are to worship the Creator.

When I visited the Tumby Bay Church of Christ recently I was reminded of the incredible location of the Chapel as the view is of the beautiful foreshore. But inside that building, on the front of the chapel, is inscribed the following words, “Worship the Lord in the beauty of His holiness.” That is a quote from Psalm 96. It is good to be reminded to not worship the ocean, the mountains or any of creation, but to worship our God who created all of this.

Today as you walk into your home and admire a tree or a plant or your perfectly manicured lawn, remember to thank the Creator and worship Him in the beauty of His holiness.