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In our gospel  reading today, Jesus is trying to tell people that He is in fact one with the Father sent by Him to share with them the good news of the kingdom of God. He also refers to his crucifixion and resurrection when he tells them “when you have lifted up the Son of Man then you will know that I am He”. This reminds us that our salvation cost Him a great deal and opens our hearts to the extend of his love for us. The more you know that a person is of value, the more you wish to hear what he or her has to say, especially when they speak to you on a personal level. This is the way the gift of faith operates in us and helps us to listen to Jesus.

The relationship between Jesus on earth and his Father is a mysterious wonder. The Son’s listeners were from below, while he was from above, from the realm of his Father. There was a communication between the Father and the Son that was totally invisible. The mysterious life of Jesus on earth is humbly gripping.

The Father is all truth and so is the Son, who only speaks what he has learned from the source of all. Jesus was totally in tune with his Father,  in his thinking and doing. The harmony between them is total and divine. Jesus is aware that only when he is lifted up on the Cross will his followers realise who he is. The cross reveals God to us.

Adapted from: “Sacred Space” www.sacredspace.ie/scripture/john-821-27

[ In Wayne’s absence this week we have the “Phantom Scribbler”]