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Have you ever been let down? Have you ever felt unjustly treated? Have you ever felt cheated? Well, young Jacob certainly felt all of those emotions as recorded in Genesis 29. Part of his story is that he travelled a long way to meet his future wife in the area where his mother Rebekah came from. He met Rachel who was the second eldest daughter of Laban. Well he was hopelessly in love with Rachel but he had to work for 7 years for her hand in marriage. So imagine if you can, Jacob’s shock when the morning after the wedding he realises that Laban has switched girls and that he woke up along side the older sister, Leah! He had to wait a week to marry Rachel and he had to promise to work another 7 years in payment for her!

Well, this is a disturbing story and seemingly very unfair. Or is it? Jacob was the younger twin yet he tricked his father Isaac, to get the sought after birthright in place of Esau, his older twin. There is a saying, “What you sow, shall you also reap!” Be careful how you live. Life has an uncanny way of finding us out! Be honest, humble and follow God’s leading in all things.