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“They look intently at each other, a lost little lamb and a haloed shepherd.The perch is perilous, one wrong move and the gaping abyss lies waiting for the fall.
Finger tips gripping the cliff’s edge. He reaches out to help the sheep in distress.

His foothold seems to slip in sandalled feet leaning over to rescue the frightened one.
A bird of prey hovers above eager to swoop down for lunch if the woolly one tumbles below. The moment of decision has come. Stay struggling or grip the offered hand.
Life is a delicate balance and the choice is mine. Follow the God of love to build his kingdom, or veer off the beaten track.
The shepherd’s tireless call punctuates my thoughts and hesitation is blown away
in the cool mountain air. I want to be saved bubbles up to the surface.
Love beyond compare touches my soul and I am forever changed to now call others into a circle of divine life.”
                                     Visio Divina of Alfred Usher Soord’s ‘The Lost Sheep’