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Are numbers significant in the Bible? They are and they are quite interesting to examine but they are not the most important subject in the Bible. God is the most important revelation in the Bible. It is His-story. Never the less there are key themes in the Bible that have to do with many sets of numbers like 7 and 40. Over the next three weeks we will look at themes associated with the  number 3.

For example, Noah had three sons (Gen 6:10) and Job had three daughters (Job 1:2). The Ark of the Covenant contained three sacred objects ‘The gold jar of manna, Aaron’s staff that had budded, and the stone tablets of the covenant” (Heb. 9:4). Solomon’s Palace of the Forest of Lebanon was designed with windows “placed high in sets of three facing each other. All the doorways had rectangular frames; they were in the front part in sets of three, facing each other” (1 Kgs 7:4-5). Likewise, in John’s vision a triple entrance way marked all four sides of the city of the New Jerusalem (Rev 21:13). David “bowed down before Jonathan three times, with his face to the ground” (1 Sam 20:41). Paul experienced three shipwrecks (2 Cor 11:28) and prayed three times to the Lord for the removal of his “thorn in the flesh” (2 Cor 12:7-8). This paragraph is from Bible.org

Today we think of the importance of prayer. King David indicates that he prayed at three specific times each day. “… I call to God, and the Lord will save me. Evening and morning and at noon I utter my complaint and moan, and he hears my voice.” Psalm 55:16-17, ESV. Daniel prayed 3 times a day (Daniel 6:10, 13). This could be a good pattern to follow. Chuck Livermore writes, “The number of times you pray is not as important as the connection to God you make whenever you pray. I believe the secret to prayer is abiding in Christ.” Jesus said, “I am the vine; you are the branches. Whoever abides in me and I in him, he it is that bears much fruit, for apart from me you can do nothing.” John 15:5.