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In John 3, we find one of the most well-known conversations in the Bible. Nicodemus, a Pharisee and leader of Israel, comes to Jesus at night for a private discussion. This encounter goes deeper than it first appears, representing a profound dialogue between God and all humanity.

During this conversation, a deep spiritual truth is revealed, fundamental to our Christian faith and essential for understanding the gift of eternal life with God the Father.

Nicodemus begins with a statement rather than a question: “We know that You have come from God as a teacher…” It seems he was seeking more, perhaps sensing that there was something greater to discover, though he might not have been prepared for what was about to be unveiled.

Jesus’ words were revolutionary. He explained that the kingdom of God is personal and universal, not limited to the Jews or any ethnic group. Entry into this kingdom isn’t through good works or moral behaviour but requires repentance and spiritual rebirth. The kingdom of God begins in the hearts
of believers, through the Spirit and water.

This is why we need to embrace the Holy Spirit, the Helper sent by our loving Father in heaven. For this is crucial, if we desire the things of the Kingdom of God.