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Jesus instructed his disciples not to be passive once he returned to his heavenly Father. He emphasized that true love for him entails active demonstration. The Christian life is marked by continuous displays of love for the Lord. Those who genuinely love him will keep His commands, not out of fear of punishment, but out of gratitude for his sacrifice.

Jesus assured his disciples of special assistance to help them follow his commandments. He promised to ask his Father to send a special Counsellor (Helper), the Spirit of Truth (the Holy Spirit), who would remain with them always. Although the world wouldn’t physically see Jesus, believers would perceive him through faith, acknowledging his divine nature and mission of salvation. Loving Jesus entails holding fast to his teachings.

By maintaining faith in Jesus, he assures us of his peace, which surpasses worldly peacefulness. This peace, described as “my peace” by Jesus, is perfect like everything else about God. Despite Satan’s influence in the world, Jesus has conquered him, and the Holy Spirit assures believers of this victory.

As Jesus concluded his message to his disciples, he warned them of the impending arrival of the ruler of the world, referring to Satan. While Satan may exercise his influence, believers should remain secure in Jesus, empowered by the Holy Spirit. With this, Jesus prepared his followers to depart from the Upper Room and engage in the final battle, which would bring forgiveness of sins, life, and salvation to humanity.

Now that is really Good News!