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Tomorrow is the big day! The day all the kids have been looking forward to all month – all year even!
But before we get caught up in presents, food and family, it’s a good thing to take some time out and remember what we are celebrating.

This morning, we will be looking at Mary and the beautiful act of obedience she made to God. With little thought for herself, she was happy to serve the God she loved and the result has changed the lives of humanity forever.
Because without Christmas, there is no Easter.
Without Christmas we would still be waiting for a Saviour.
Without Christmas humanity would have no hope.
Jesus came into this world to be the once and only sacrifice for our sins, enabling us to have the eternal life that we can’t earn ourselves. So today, before the craziness of the next few days begins, take some time to think about Jesus and be thankful for the most important gift that we could ever be given.